Special Projects

Special Projects for 2019 & 2020

Friends have asked how they can help the translation and literacy outreach ministries move forward. Some special projects you or your church might want to help with are shown here. Some of these are large needs, but God is able, and He can supply. Our eyes are on Him!

If your church wants to take on a special project please let us know what additional information you may need.

God Will Supply Every Need — Phil 4:19

LIFE Ministry

LIFE stands for Lives Invested For Eternity. One way to set the captives free is to help these ladies run their own businesses. Our co-worker has a passion for business as a ministry. She and her husband do a three day training for the ladies and they teach them Biblical principles for running a business including practicing honesty, tithing, making budgets, protecting the capital, and so many other things. The ladies really have loved the classes.

Each class can hold twenty women, and upon completion they are given $30 to invest in a business. A pastor and his wife faithfully followed up with each lady to help them succeed in their walk with Christ and in their new business.

Chipata Training Center

Another mission agency is selling a home which would be a wonderful place for us to  house and train translators and literacy workers. The home is equipped with almost all the furniture we would need to train staff in three Bible translation projects over the next five years. The home is conveniently located only a half mile from where we currently live.

Date Needed:

We hope to purchase this home in 2019.


The mission is asking $100,000 for this home. We think they may accept an offer of $80,000. God can supply even for this big need.

This home can be seen for sale online at: https://www.pamgolding.co.za/property-details/5-bedroom-house-for-sale-chipata-zambia/3za1356385

Printing the Kunda Hymn Book

Singing is a great way for people to learn to read and become familiar with their language. We have collected nearly 100 Christian songs, and our hope is to present this songbook at the Kunda traditional ceremony this year.



2000 copies: $2353

3000 copies:  $3025

Date Needed: April 2019

Houses for the Bible Translation Projects

We’ve started two new Bible translation projects. The Senga project is 9 hours to the north and the Toka-Leya is 15 hours southwest of us.

To work effectively at each location we need a small house where Ken and the trainers can stay for weeks and months at a time.

Building a small house (about the size of a single car garage) could be a great missions project if your church would like to come to Zambia. The homes will have a simple concrete floor and a metal roof. The total cost of one house is $4500.

Windows for Literacy Classrooms

One church has allowed us to meet in their building for literacy classes and special meetings. The lack of windows in the building makes it difficult for new learners to see well. In fact, many times the ladies sit outside in the extreme heat in order to see better.

Now that the rainy season is here it is even darker and harder to manage the classes. We could buy three windows for the church for $300.

More Co-Laborers

Recently we met someone who has been trained in Hebrew and Greek and has worked previously in Bible translation. A person with such experience in Zambia is “a real find.”

To hire more staff we need about $900 additional monthly level of support.

Joining us as a monthly partner or increasing your present monthly gift support will help us hire excellent co-workers so that the Bible might be translated into more languages.

Other Projects

Broadcasting Kunda Scriptures on a community radio station: Weekly costs is $25. Per year $1250.

We need to replace our vehicle. Another missionary is selling one in mid-2019. Cost is  $30,000.

Converting a shipping container to an office. Total costs $3500.