Pray With Us

Please praise God with us for His blessings and join us in our prayer needs. You will also find these in our monthly newsletter.


  • We thank the Lord for a successful outreach. Many people came to know Jesus. Different church groups worked together for the first time, and we learned much that will help us as we plan next year’s outreach.
  • The ladies from the literacy ministry were so excited to be used by Jesus to share Christ’s love.
  • Edits to the Kunda audio New Testament were completed in August. We can now spread God’s spoken word through phones, radio, and other electronic devices.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that those who accepted Christ would be strong in their walk with God.
  • We have been repeatedly disappointed by offices involved in the importing of the new vehicle but trust that despite the delays, God is working. Keep praying with us on this matter.
  • Sending the Kunda New Testament to South Korea for printing has been delayed because those doing the final typesetting have been understaffed. Pray for those involved and that God would call more skilled people to do this important job.